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Indigenous Solution’s ultimate goal is to produce competent citizens with the knowledge, skill and attitude to handle handguns safely whether on a range or in a dynamic self-defense situation. The Concealed Carry Handgun Courses is for law abiding citizens. I want all citizens to recognize they have the right to protect themselves and their family.

Benefits of Concealed Carry Permit:

Military and Spouses may get the North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit with a military ID and any form of state driver license. You do not have to be a resident of NC to get a permit if you have a military ID. You can guy guns instantly at any gun store in the state of NC.  Your NC Concealed Carry Permit is good for 39 states and most importantly you can carry your gun to protect yourself.


Additional Courses: Inquire with instructor:

NRA Basic Pistol Courses are available for new shooters. Additional courses, as well as custom and defensive pistol range classes, are available to increase your skill level and expose yourself to additional shooting techniques which will be critical for survival in defensive shooting situations. 

Combat Pistol and Rifle courses are available for shooters that want to expand their skills and expose themselves to more advanced techniques which will be critical for survival in defensive shooting situations.

Private classes available for groups, organizations, churches, local businesses and military unit

Requirements for a private class:

Minimum of 10 students required for a scheduling. (If less than 10 are available on the day of training, the private class coordinator will be responsible for covering the difference).

Price per student is $75 for private classes conducted.  Additional fees will be required for classes requested over 60 miles. Groups of 30+ will get a special discount.

Training location is provided by the group.  

Training location must be large enough to accommodate students.

Call 919-721-9916 to schedule your private class today.


Each registered student must send a $85 non-refundable payment via PayPal to or go to my website and pay online with Paypal or credit card(send as friend and family with no notes) to reserve a spot before the class date.

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